Sales department

MSM divides its Sales Department into National Market and International Market, due to the clear difference in sales strategy in one and another.

In the past few years, product prices have been decreasing because of the international crisis and, consequently, competition has become tougher and tougher. Therefore, MSM has made a great effort to keep the highest quality while reducing manufacturing costs as much as possible, in order to be competitive worldwide.

R+D+I Technical Department

Our R+D+I Technical Department designs all the products we offer to the market.

It also designs our products offered in the catalogue as well as custom-made ones for each client; this is something that defines us. In the latter case, we not only adapt ourselves to their needs, but we also suggest improvements and/or alternatives, in accordance with current regulations and standards, by taking care of the customer’s satisfaction.

The department entails the specialities of Electronics, Optics, Mechanics and Moulds.


It is one of the most important departments in our company; the heart that drives our business.

The continuous research and development labour in new lighting equipment is essential in order to be always in the vanguard of Aids to Navigation. This is why in MSM we dedicate a great part of our resources to this department.

We are pioneers in the design and manufacture of optical systems using high-power LED technology applied to the Aids to Navigation.

We also have our own independent Optics Measurement Laboratory, which strictly complies with IALA Recommendations and issues the relevant certifications.


Since we manufacture 90% of our products, MSM has its own technical means using the most advanced technology both in our Electronics Laboratory and our Mechanics workshop, by using the suitable machinery for welding, milling, injection, filling, cutting, etc.

The high professional qualification of our employees, beside their polyvalence, enables them to work in any of any of the different stages of the production process, thus improving our company’s competitiveness.

In addition, this department has the competence to implement the Installation and Commissioning of every equipment that our customers engage us.


Our quality management system leads us to improve day by day; not only in our product, but also in the relationship with our customers and their complete satisfaction.

In February 2008,MSM obtained the ISO 9001:2008 Certification In the design, manufacture, trading, installation and maintenance of Aids to Navigation. On the same date, we obtained the ISO 14001: 2004 Certification for the same concepts.

MSM has a Quality Department independent of the Production one, which continuously revise the procedures implemented in our quality management system; adapts them to our production system and monitors its implementation systematically. This makes our system always improving. Audits regularly conducted show that, eventually, the system becomes more solid and quality becomes a constant that always accompanies us in our way.

Pioneers in the design and manufacture of optical systems using high-power LED technology applied to Navigation Aids.