360 System by MSM

The first smart system in Aids to Navigation.

A brand-new set of devices

Smart Beacon + Powerbank/Smartbank


Maximum energy and light efficiency in solar self-contained marine lanterns, with a light range of up to 11 real nautical miles.

By combining both devices, the possibilities range from having an additional power support for the beacon if necessary (Powerbank), to the incorporation of remote-control with wirelessly communication with the main beacon (Smartbank), or a combination of both possibilities.

Wireless communication between both devices allows to add accessories (GSM, UHF, satellite, and/or AIS) without compromising the light range or the lantern autonomy, and without any wiring.


Both the Beacon and the Smartbank can integrate different monitoring and remote-control options such as communication via GSM, UHF, satellite and AIS.

A redundant remote-control system can be set up to ensure the communications operation.

Modular design available in 3 standard sizes.

Every component of the system has been designed to optimize the performance, as well as to simplify the installation and maintenance tasks reducing costs.

The Powerbank makes this system the ideal solution for energy-demanding applications.

The enhanced optical system provides to the lantern great luminous efficiency.

This System can be suitable to any project requirements.


4 – 11 real NM

The MCL360 beacon is a modular LED self-contained lantern ideal for remote installations which needs to ensure the equipment operation in the most demanding conditions.

This lantern provides an excellent luminous efficiency, covering ranges from 4 to 11 NM depending on the model.

The first self-contained lantern with a removable handle to avoid any shade’s projection on the solar panel. Thanks to this feature the solar panel efficiency is not compromised by shades.

Designed according to IALA Recommendations.


High-efficiency luminous system. Up to 11 real nm (T=0.74).
Vertical divergence up to 10° (50%IO ).
360° horizontal output.
Average operation lifetime over 10 years.
Ideal system for energetic-demanding applications,

as the Powerbank can supply extra-power if necessary

Wireless communication between both devices

allows to add accessories (GSM, UHF, satellite, and/or AIS) without compromising the light range or the lantern autonomy, and without any wiring.

Programming, configuration and operating status via PC, Bluetooth or IR programmer.
RS-232 serial port for setting adjustments by PC.
Double remote-control system as an option.


Technology and innovation have been joined the 360 System. Find out all the features:


The MCL360 series comprise 4 beacon models based on a modular design, which differ in height, solar panel power and battery capacity. Two of the models, the MCL360-S and the MCL360-S Plus, have the same dimensions, so the difference between the two lies in the battery capacity.


System 360 can include a Powerbank / Smartbank unit.

The Powerbank is a rechargeable supplementary unit using solar energy, which supplies power to the lantern if necessary to increase its autonomy and performance.

While the Smartbank is a self-contained device that communicates via Wireless with the beacon, since it has communication systems (Radio, GSM, Satellite or AIS) for remote monitoring and control of the beacon.

In addition, the same Powerbank / Smartbank unit can perform both functions simultaneously, as it can be connected to the beacon via Wireless for the remote-control and via cable to supply additional power.



Lead Crystal®, or Lithium as an option. Maintenance-free.


UV stabilised Lexan Polycarbonate. Integrated bird deterrent.


Anodised marine aluminium.


Lexan Polycarbonate.


Standard (4 – 3 bolts in a 200 mm diameter).

Watertightness degree

IP 68.



A suitable system for different user’s requirements and locations.


SMARTCOM360 is a software designed to facilitate the beacon configuration process, which analyses the optical and energy performance of the 360 System.

This software automatically performs feasibility calculations, considering the features of the beacon (colour, diver-gence, energy capacity …) and the user-editable parameters (range, rhythm, solar radiation …). This not only valida-tes the user configuration, but also proposes the best solution for each case.

Software available for PC and mobile devices.

An improvement which makes SMARTCOM360 an excellent solution to set the maximum number of parameters for ensuring optimal performance.

360 System SPOT

The 360º system is one of the latest innovations deve-loped by MSM to provide the highest energy efficiency with the most advanced technology. A smart solution offered by a self-contained lantern completed with a Smartbank.

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