The MCL360 self-contained LED lanterns embrace EcoDesign to commit sustainability

Published on Wednesday, 08 November of 2023

The Aids to Navigation sector not only joins efforts to guarantee maritime safety through technological innovation, but also embrace the circular economy to protect the environment through more sustainable methodologies and production models.

At MSM we work to ensure that our activity flows according to the principles of the circular economy, and that is why we integrate eco-design criteria from the initial phase of development of our products to minimise their impact on the environment:

  • Longer lifespan of the product by using high quality materials.
  • Use of recyclable or recoverable materials in our products.
  • Creation of modular designs that allow, once the product’s useful life cycle has ended, simple disassembly to facilitate the recycling of its parts.

In this sense, our range of MCL360 self-contained LED lanterns has become a good example of sustainable design. A design endorsed by the report issued by Ecolum organisation, Foundation for the Management and Recycling of Bulbs, Lamps and Luminaires, who after an analysis to evaluate the percentage of recyclability of this lighting equipment has determined that the MCL360 lantern has a Valorisation of 93.33%, this means that the vast majority of components of this lantern can be transformed into raw materials that can be used in other production processes (Solid Waste Recovery), or into fuel to generate electricity or biogas for domestic use  or industrial (Waste-to-Energy Recovery).

At MSM, following our environmental policy, we want to be competitive by taking care of the environment around us, that is why we continue working to extend the lifespan of our products and reduce waste.

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