MSM offers its wide range of vertical wind turbines WINDSIDE as ideal complement for battery charging, making wind energy into electricity wherever energy is needed. They are specially suitable for offshore installations, buoys, small islands, vessels, …, under the harshest marine conditions.

WINDSIDE wind turbines provide the highest efficiency and durability with a minimum maintenance.

One of the main advantage of its vertical axe construction is its auto-controlled rotational speed, also in conditions of extreme wind.

Also characterized by their respect for the environment due to their soundless (0 dB), ensuring a safe installation in population centres, public spaces, natural areas, etc.

Technical specifications

Vertical wind turbine based on sailing engineering principles
The turbine rotor is rotated by two spiral-formed vanes
Operating in harmony with nature and environment
No need to stop or secure during storms
No need to be turned to wind direction
Stands snow, frost, heat and humidity
Composite re-enforced fibre glass propellers
Marine-grade aluminium generator casings
Stainless-steel hardware
Top quality lubricated bearings
We offer various models to ours customers

Depending on the use and the weather conditions

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