Thanks to their high-resistance and reliability, the SOLAR BLOCK series batteries are ideal for their use in installations under the harshest conditions.

This range of batteries offered by Mediterráneo Señales Marítimas is ideal for their use in Marine Aids to Navigation installations, as they allow deep discharges, do not emit any gases and can be installed in any position, without disrupting their operation when installed on buoys.

Manufactured with high and proved DRYFIT technology. Electrolyte is immobilized in gel form, assuring a completely free-maintenance battery.

Designed according to Standards IEC 61427 and IEC 60896-21/22 Standards.

Technical specifications

DRYFIT technology ensuring a free-maintenance, gelled, leakproof battery
Grid plate of exceptional cycling performance

1,200 cycles at 60%

Nominal capacity

From 60 to 330 Ah C100 (20ºC)

Minimum operating service life

Of 7 years

Completely recyclable due to the low CO2 footprint
Possibility of storage without recharge

Up to 2 years

Robust design resilient in harsh conditions
Protection valves against over-pressures

Protecting cells against the atmosphere

Proof against deep-discharge
Easy installation
Trouble-free transport

No restrictions for rail, road, sea and air transportation (IATA, DGR clause A67)

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