RBM26 polyethylene buoys are designed for both sheltered and open-sea waters, thanks to the large capacity of its float of 2.5 meters in diameter, in high-quality rotomoulded virgin polyethylene.

Polyethylene includes the necessary pigment that provides the colour. UV filters guarantee a stable colour protection during its whole service life. To ensure its buoyancy, the float is filled with closed-cell expanded polystyrene foam.

The floats are made up of several sections. Metallic buoy parts (superstructure and tail) made from hot-dip galvanized steel, and designed to provide a long service life under the harshest marine conditions. There are standard models with a short tail or high visibility frame, to meet the most specific markup needs. They can be customized under client’s request.

Technical specifications

Float made from high-quality rotomoulded virgin polyethylene

12 mm thickness. Other thicknesses available on request

Float filled with closed-cell expanded polystyrene foam inside
Metallic parts from hot-dip galvanized steel
Impregnated color in polyethylene
Chromaticity according to IALA Recommendations
Protection against ultraviolet rays
Compatible with a large variety of self-contained and marine LED lanterns
Top mark to increase the visibility of the buoy during the day
Passive radar reflector

Of 10 m² RCS

Stainless steel screws
Minimal maintenance
Designed according to IALA Recommendations

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