A radar reflector is generally installed as an additional device in locations that may also be marked with a light signal; being one of its main functions the detection of targets at a great distance, thus reducing the risk of collision of a vessel.

MSM has several models of radar reflector, indicated for use on buoys or fixed structures, and designed to ensure that their signal is displayed strongly on the vessel radar screens. These models project areas ranging from 8m² to 36m².

They are manufactured by using eight overlapping spiral trihedrons, producing a strong and persistent echo, thus covering 360º. Trihedral radar reflector is best suited for applications in floating aids and in situations where there is considerable difference between the height of the radar reflector and the one from vessels passing through the area.

Technical specifications

Trihedral design
Display of aids to navigation on the radar screen

To reduce risk of collision

Strong "return" on radar screens
Improves detection under harsh weather conditions
Effective echo response
Echo equivalent surface (RCS)

From 8 to 36 m²

360º coverage
Its design of double trihedral group maximises echo in any orientation and tilt
Structure made from hot-dip galvanised or stainless steel
Polyurethane paint

UV resistant

Fixing to buoy or structure

With 4 nos. M10 bolts

Standard fixing to the beacon

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