GLOBAL NETCOM is a Remote Monitoring Multicentre that provides an easy way to obtain information and interacts with the different remote stations installed in lighthouses, buoys and beacons, displaying the data in a clear way on a computer screen.

This control centre can be located in a server in the customer’s premises if desired, or in a general server shared by several clients.

It admits all kind of communications: GSM, radio, satellite, ADSL, microwaves, optical fibre, AIS, etc.

Thanks to its design based on WEB concept, customers just need an Internet connexion to monitor their beaconing systems.

Technical specifications

The Managing Software has been designed in such a way that final users can

Maintain, create new remote stations or modify the existing ones

Simple and intuitive operation

Allowing to obtain information fastly and interact with the remotely monitored stations

The system allows the storage in databases type

SQL SERVER or others

Historical records are configurable by the user

In order to obtain reports

Designed to interact with an AIS Base Station

Able to generate virtual or synthetic navaids

Its flexible structure can be customized under client request

Demo video

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