The visibility sensor from Mediterráneo Señales Marítimas, model MVS-20 is designed for general meteorological applications where accurate and reliable visibility measurements are required.

It is manufactured with high-quality and resistant materials to achieve a long-service life under the harshest marine conditions.

Heating of the optical windows and sensor hoods is provided as standard, allowing the use of the MVS-20 in the harshest weather conditions.

With a measurement range up to 75 km, the sensor is suitable for use in offshore applications as well as meteorological observation networks.

Technical specifications

Monitors visibility and obstruction to vision caused by dust, fog, rain, drizzle, snow and hail
Selectable measurement range

Up to 75km

Compact forward scatter design
Flexibility to connect to a wide range of data collection/ processing units
Easy installation due to its light weight and small footprint
Optical window and sensor hood heating for use in extreme environments
Full date/time stamp in data string provided by the real time on-board clock
Simple field calibration, automatic sequence can be initiated after fitting calibration plaque
Comprehensive self-test and maintenance data
Not affected by local lights
Low power consumption

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