The MTA 300 AIS Base Station is a VHF maritime system designed specifically for coastal surveillance, vessel traffic monitoring and management at ports.

The MTA 300 facilitates safe navigation of ships, helps to protect the marine environment and supports the VTS NET operation. Moreover, the effective processing of AIS information contributes significantly to the security of port and offshore installations.

Easily configured to the specific needs of any customer, MSM AIS Base Station can operate as a standalone solution or in an AIS network.

It allows the management of multiple reports (identification, position, course, speed over the ground,etc) and high-update frequency, based on SOTDMA technology (Self Organization Time Division Multiple Access).

The MTA 300 meets with IALA Recommendation on AIS (A-124 Recommendation), IEC and ITU Standards.

Technical specifications

Automatic vessel identification

Name, IMO number, MMSI and Callsign

Provides all the features required

For extended vessel traffic surveillance

Reception of messages on

Coordinates, course, speed over the ground, heading, ship type, route plan, availability of dangerous cargo, etc.

Reception of static and dynamic data

And binary messages

Reception and transmission of text messages

Relating to maritime security

Reception of differential GNSS (GPS) corrections from the GNSS reference station

Or radio beacon data link and their transmission via AIS channel

Low power consumption and alternative power sources

Drastically limit the need for infrastructure investments

Can be equipped with dual antennas Tx/Rx
Assignment of appropriate operating modes to the vessel stations

Including the assignment of areas, frequencies, radiation power, slots, interval reports, and number of report

Capable to generate virtual or synthetic AIS AtoN

Up to 20

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