The Mediterráneo Señales Marítimas foghorn, model MSN-10 automatically provides a 360º beam of sound in the horizontal plane, it is specifically designed to be installed in places with thick fog or in off-shore platforms. Designed as an aid to navigation, it provides an audible range over 2 nautical miles.

It is manufactured with high-quality and resistant manufacturing materials to achieve a long-service life under the harshest marine conditions. Due to his modular design, it is easy to increase or reduce the sound intensity at will.

Ideal for off-shore locations requiring a low consumption, such as isolated solar-powered applications.

Designed according to IALA Recommendations.

Technical specifications

Audible range

Over 2 nautical miles


360º beam in the horizontal plane


Of 134 dB at 1 meter

Off-time current

Lower than 0.03 A


800 – 850 Hz (accuracy 0.2Hz)

Average operation lifetime

Over 100,000 hours

IP 66 watertightness degree
Protection against corrosion
Ready to be charged by solar energy or conventional batteries.
Configuration by levels

Up to 5 units

Control unit based on microprocessor
Audible signal adjustable by user, Morse code or other programmed code by PC
ATEX version under request

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