MPH 100-300-500

The MPH 100, MPH 300 and MPH 500 wind turbines from Mediterranean Sea Signals are the most versatile and durable on the market today.

They are the perfect solution for off-grid power generation. Modular wind generators with alternator of permanent magnets made with 100% recyclable components. Due to its small size and light weight, its installation is very fast and simple.

Ideal for supplying low-power power, in isolated or grid-connected systems, even forming hybrid systems in combination with solar generation systems.

Technical specifications

Vertical axis wind turbines

Of 100W, 300W and 500W small and light

Perfect for power supply for low power, in isolated systems or connected to grid

And even forming hybrid systems in combination with systems of solar generation

Quick and easy installation

Thanks to its pre-assembled supply, its small size and low weight

Starting speed of 2 m / s (100W) and 2.5 m / s (300W and 500W)
Energy production below 3 m / s wind speed
They can withstand speeds greater than 150 km / h

Without suffering deformations

Extreme durability, even in adverse marine conditions. They support snow, ice, heat, moisture and are resistant to salt water
They do not need to be oriented in the direction of the wind
Totally quiet and safe
Maintenance free

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