The MLP2000 Lite Pipe is an extensive luminous system, consisting of optical elements with high-intensity LED diodes arranged vertically, which reinforces the identification of an aid to navigation.


This system is designed to increase the conspicuity of port entrance lights, thus avoiding to be confused with other lights in locations with strong background lighting. It can also be used in places where two-light leading stations are needed, or as an emergency beacon in big lighthouses.

With just 36 W of power it can be identified at 22 nautical miles. Its modular construction allows multiple configurations and different heights.

Designed according to IALA Recommendations.

Technical specifications

State-of-the-art LED technology
Modular and flexible conception
High-efficiency luminous system and minimum consumption

Up to 15 nm (T=0.74), 22 nm (T=0.85)

Vertical divergence

Up to 5º (50% Io)

Horizontal divergence

Up to 120º (50% Io)

Average operation lifetime

Over 10 years

IP 67 watertightness degree

Immersion resistant

Anti-humidity device to avoid condensation
Double RS-232 serial port for setting adjustments

By PC and remote monitoring system

Anodised marine-aluminium housing and acrylic lens cover

Explanatory video

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