MLL 1000

The MLL 1000 lamp, developed and patented by MSM, is a luminous equipment with the highest LED technology. While others LED lamps of the market, those are characterised by their use of a virtual light source. The light emission is made through prisms to a hyperbole, in such a way that the light source is virtualised in the exact in focus point lens, as a filament or metallic halogen lamp.

Thus, the focal distance of the lens is maintained and it can replace any traditional lamp of the market. Ideal to be installed on classic glass optics, both rotating or flashing lighthouses.

Its main advantages are: its significant energy saving (and consequently the environment preservation), its service life (up to 100,000 hours) and its easy installation, as diesel generator, current inverter system and less capacity batteries are not necessary.

Technical specifications

Virtual light focus adapted to Fresnel glass or other material lenses
Three version of the MLL


Average lifetime

Up to 100,000 hours

Energy saving up to 60%

During the service life of the lamp

Luminous range reached over 29 nautical miles

T= 0,74

Null impact by a magnifying-glass effect
Voltage source for on both alternating current (110V/230V)

And direct current (24V), allowing installation in lighthouses supplied by solar or wind energy.

Conventional thermal management for the 75W model, and by active refrigeration system for 150 and 300W models

With average life up to 200,000 hours (without moving parts)

High-performance LED power driver

With current regulation and power adjustable by PWM

Null maintenance


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