MLC 12

Mediterráneo Señales Marítimas, among its range of accessories, offers automatic 3- or 6-position lampchangers. Our changers MLC 12 are highly and worldwide appreciated by our clients for its simplicity, reliability and accuracy in lamp positioning.

Designed to work under harsh marine conditions with high-corrosion level, guaranteeing a correct and nonstop operation of marine aids to navigation.

MLC 12 integrates a rotary mechanism, able to fit up to 6 halogen or marine signal lamps (S-8/S-11), with up to 250W power.

Technical specifications

Accurate lamp positioning
Capacity for 3 or 6 halogen or marine signal lamps

With Pr30s prefocused collar

Uses rotary solenoid

More reliable than motors, no gears required

Low contact drop
No light shadowing 52º down from horizontal plane
Colour coded terminals
Cast-aluminium base
Great resistance to marine corrosion
Compatible with a large variety of marine flashing lanterns and rotating beacons
High mechanic and environmental resistance
Can be mounted in any position
Low cost

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