Thanks to our long experience in designing optical and lighting equipment for major lighthouses, we are pleased to introduce the innovating acrylic, cut and polished lenses, replacing the old major glass optics to obtain an optimum output, with the aim to keep the image of our historical lighthouse heritage.

As a complement to our innovating lenses, we use our MRM 160 electronic, gearless and brushless revolving pedestals.

Besides, we can restore any type of glass lens for its operation with the original range it was designed for.

Technical specifications

Manufactured from acrylic material
Dioptric and catadioptric aspherical rings

Surpassing the glass lens efficiency

High-precision cut and polishing
Anodized aluminium frames
Tailor-made design, according to required flash character and range
Wide range of focal lengths

As per customer specifications



Wide choice of lamps, d.c. or a.c., metal halide, halogen or LED.



Study on the most suitable lamp, according to required lighthouse luminous range and power supply system chosen.



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