MFGPS position and synchronisation module is a device with double function. On the one hand, it is used to determine buoy positioning and, on the other hand, to synchronise lanterns through a GPS receiver of 12 channels.

Even if it is especially designed to be connected to a MF flasher, it allows to establish a synchronisation with lanterns from other manufacturers; since the synchronising delay can be adjusted with the programming software.

The MFGPS second function is to watch the aid to navigation positioning, in such a way that, if it is placed on a buoy, the maximum allowed swinging radius can be programmed, causing an alarm if the buoy exceeds the established limit.

Technical specifications

High-sensitivity GPS satellite reception module of 12 channels, with integrated antenna
It allows flash synchronisation between lanterns from MSM and the ones from other manufacturers
A configurable sleep mode is available in order to save energy
Initial self-detection of buoy position coordinates is made automatically

No manual configuration is needed

Free-communication protocols

Which allows the user to utilize his own control centre or use them for any other application needed

Mooring chain breaking alarm by GPS positioning

For buoys

Configurable maximum allowed swinging radius
Setting by PC

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