MSM has a wide range of solid-state flashers available, designed for marine aids-to-navigation applications. They stand out for their simplicity, flexibility and electrical protection.

These flashes include electronic circuits of the latest technology, allowing 256 preprogrammed rhythms, as well as an infinite rhythm selection.

In the case of MF06 and MF12 flashers, LED current output is stabilized to protect their life in service.

In the MF14 flasher, PWM modulation applies a stable and regulated voltage, in order to keep the lamp filament colour temperature.

Technical specifications

Microprocessor-based circuit with Flash technology
Infinite rhythm programming
Time accuracy

Of ±5%

Sunlight circuit sensor
High resistance to shocks and vibrations
Terminals protected against corrosion

By gold plating and silicon coating (MF06 and MF12)

Advanced solar charge regulation function in 3 phases
Measurement of analogical parameters and alarms for remote monitoring (MF12)
Configuration software for PC under Windows environment
Reverse-polarity and short-circuit protections
Terminal screws from stainless steel

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