5 – 8 NM

The MCL180 is a compact LED marine lantern, solar self-contained, with great optical efficiency and low consumption, fitted with LED diodes of high intensity, reaching a nominal range up to 8 nautical miles.


With several large capacity battery options, the MCL180 lantern has an autonomy up to 400 hours of operation. This allows to ensure the operation of the beacon and its energy availability in the most demanding conditions.

Thanks to the high quality materials used in the MCL180 and its robust design, this lantern has a lifetime operation over 10 years in the most demanding conditions.

Designed according to IALA Recommendations.

Technical specifications

High-efficiency luminous system

Up to 8 nm (T=0.74), 10 nm (T=0.85)

Vertical divergence

Up to 12º (50% IO )

360º horizontal output
Average operation lifetime

Over 10 years

IP 68 watertightness degree

Immersion resistant

Very resistant to marine environment
RS-232 serial port for setting adjustments by PC
Programming, configuration and operating status

Via PC or IR programmer

Autonomy without solar charging

Up to 400 hours

Automatic energy management

According to solar radiation

4 nos. solar modules

Of 2.35 W each


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