MBL 400-S

The MBL 400-S is a medium-range LED sector light, with a great optical efficiency, providing sectored light beams with an accuracy of up to 0.5º. Its luminous source consists of high-intensity LED diodes, obtaining a range of up to 12 nautical miles. Intended to be placed in on-shore aids-to-navigation locations, such as poles and towers, as well as hard-to-reach sites or under extreme environmental conditions.

Its optical system utilizes the point light source of the lens to make an effective sectorization in each case. Every sector requires an individual light level, which enables practically any sector configuration. Levels are superimposed and protected by a shock-resistant glass lens cover. Thus, each beacon is personalized as considering the required range, colours and angles of sector.

Designed according to IALA Recommendations.

Technical specifications

State-of-the-art LED technology
High-efficiency luminous system

Up to 12 nm (T =0.74), 18 nm (T=0.85)

Vertical divergence

Up to 5º (50%Io)

Inner sectorised lampshade made from aluminium, laser machining
Field-diaphragm sectorisation, made t o measure for each case
Average operation lifetime

Over 15 years

IP 67 watertightness degree

Immersion resistant

Programming, configuration and operating status

Via PC and Bluetooth, or IR programmer as an option

Short-circuit, reverse-polarity and transient over-voltage protections
High shock resistance
Anti-humidity device to avoid condensation
Patented optical system
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