Given the extensive experience of Mediterráneo Señales Marítimas in the field of prevention and protection against lightning, we offer a wide range of lightning arresters, surge protection and prevention products.

As lighthouses and nav-aids towers are very prone to be hit by lightning, in MSM we have incorporated in our catalogue safe and effective high-quality products that meet national and international regulations in force, thus achieving greater assurance and the best solution for our customers.

We offer elements to intercept a direct lightning strike on the structure, conduct current safely and disperse the discharge through the land or the sea.


  • The collection system is intended to intercept the lightning strike to lead to ground. Among the various standardized collection systems we offer Early Streamer Emission (ESE) or Franklin Rod Systems.
  • Early streamer emission (ESE) lightning rods base their operation on the electrical characteristics of the lightning formation. The ray begins with a downward tracer propagating in any direction. Once approaching to objects located on the ground, either one can be struck. They are mainly characterized by issuing a continuous upward tracer earlier than any other object within its protection radius. The rod should be the controlled impact point of discharge, so as to provide the lightning current a path to ground without damaging the structure.
  • Collection systems by Franklin rods consist of sharing and dissipating the lightning discharge current by a network of conductors. Sections and materials comply with the provisions of the rules defining such systems.

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