One of the most outstanding Mediterraneo’s specialities is the design of lanternhouses for historic lighthouse applications. LEM lanternhouses are manufactured with the best materials in the market, in order to withstand marine weather inclemencies for years.

With a solid experience in the sector, we calculate all the parameters required for the design of ventilation systems that avoid the condensation inside. In addition, we use special glasses that prevent back reflections.

Our standard LEM lanternhouses are cylindrical and with semi-spherical dome. Its cylindrical structure provides two key advantages over other manufacturers’ lanterns: helicoidal uprights to avoid dark areas and give sturdiness, and curved-glass panes to minimise refraction losses and reduce back reflections.

Technical specifications

Maximum quality in materials to achieve the longest service life
Made up of

Base, cylindrical structure, top ring, dome and ventilation cap.

Base built to measure, according to requested height and specifications

Fixing by special anchor bolts to the concrete, stone or brick wall.

In the case of LEM lanternhouses, the cylindrical structure with helicoidal uprights provides higher sturdiness
High-homogeneity curved-glass panes, heat-tempered

To minimize refraction losses and reduce back reflections

Sealed with special UV-resistant putty and sealant
Top ring contains the gutter to collect rain water and protect glass panes
Semi-spherical metallic dome

With brackets to fit access ladder to the lantern top

Semi-spherical ventilation cap, with special filters

Maximum aeration

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