The EBM-HV 24 buoys are characterized by their high visibility superstructure. They are indicated to be anchored in those places where it is required to recognize their diurnal mark from a long distance, such as the arrival buoys.

Due to their massive construction they are practically unsinkable, even in the face of a strong impact. In addition, they are capable of withstanding repeated collisions without suffering deformations.

The float that incorporates, of great lightness and elasticity, is manufactured with solid sheet of closed cell polyethylene foam (null absorption of water) and sprayed with a layer of polyurethane elastomer pigmented in colour.

The high visibility superstructure is built in stainless steel, providing a long service life in very extreme marine conditions. At the client’s request, these can be customized.

Technical specifications

The large surface of its superstructure constitutes a great diurnal mark

Making it possible to be recognized at a long distance

Estimated working life

Over 20 years

Float manufactured with solid sheet of closed cell polyethylene foam (null water absorption)

Projected with a layer of polyurethane elastomer colour pigmented, high impact resistance

Upper structure of the stainless steel buoy with large upper platform for maintenance work
Chromaticity according to the IALA Recommendation
Marine paint with high resistance to corrosion and ultraviolet rays
Prepared to include the solar system
Compatible with a wide variety of flashing beacons
Passive radar reflector

Of 10 m² RCS

Designed in accordance with the IALA Recommendation
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