EBM 10/12

These elastomer buoys are designed to be used during work periods, danger marking, emergency buoys or in shallow waters. Thanks to its solid construction, they are virtually unsinkable, even against a strong impact. Besides, they can withstand repeated collisions without deforming.

Its main advantage lies in its float, of high elasticity and lightweight, manufactured with closed-cell polyethylene solid foam sheet (no water absorption) and projected with a layer of coloured polyurethane elastomer.

Metallic parts of the buoy (superstructure and tail) are made from hot-dip galvanized steel, and designed to a long service life under harsh marine conditions.

They can be customized under client’s request.

Technical specifications

Float manufactured with closed-cell polyethylene foam sheet (no water absorption)

Projected with a layer of coloured polyurethane elastomer

Chromaticity according to IALA Recommendations
Detachable ballast weights for installation in different depths and with different chain sizes
Metallic parts (superstructure and tail) from hot-dip galvanized steel as standard

Stainless steel or marine aluminium as an option

Ready to fit self-contained lanterns
High resistance to corrosion and UV rays
Passive radar reflector

Of 8 m² RCS

Minimum maintenance
Manufactured with recyclable materials
Designed according to IALA Recommendations
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