AEROGEN marine wind generators are ideal for charging acid and gel batteries when main power is either not available or not suitable, both for regular and emergency uses.

These third generation wind generators are the result of years of investigation and experience since 1982, manufactured and supplied all over the world. In choosing your wind generator the key parameters are output, power requirements and wind speeds.

Designed to work in an optimal way with win speeds between 5 and 20 knots. For more wind speeds, the generator provides a higher performance, producing great power in a continuos and secure way.

The performance and efficiency of all wind generators have been established by independent testing institutions.

Technical specifications

Optimal operation with wind speeds

Between 5 and 20 knots

High efficiency of brushless alternators
Compact, light and solid design

For an easy installation and a silent and safe harsh conditions

Manufactured with high-quality materials and with protection from marine harsh
Minimum size with maximum power

Thanks to its propeller design

Various models according to power required

From 0.5 to 30 amperes

Available in 12 and 24V
Conceived to work without interruptions
Protected with a thermal device

Production is auto-limited depending on the wind force

Charge controller available to protect batteries
Maintenance free

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