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Our photovoltaic modules allowus to guarantee a high performance, power and working capability even in lower sunlight conditions. Encapsulation of cells is made between a high-transmission tempered glass and a plastic. The encapsulant in Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) covers the photovoltaics cells within the laminate thus protecting them from etching.

The texturization of the glass enables a maximum concentration and diffusion of the light on the solar cells.

The Tedlar backside contributes to a further protection of the module against the action of climatic agents like humidity and dust, providing a total electrical isolation.


Solar controllersdistributed byMSM have been specially designed for operation in difficult environments with high salt, moisture and dust contents.

They are also manufactured according to European Standards, ISO 9000 and ISO 14000.


The DRYFIT Gellified Batteries series batteries are ideal for their use in Marine Aids to Navigation installations, as they allow deep discharges, do not emit any gases and can be installed in any position, without disrupting their operation when installed on buoys.

Electrolyte is immobilized in gel form, assuring a completely free-maintenance battery.
Their minimum discharge rate provides high storage autonomy, without recharge, up to 2 years.


MSM offers its wide range of vertical wind turbines WINDSIDE as ideal complement for battery charging, making wind energy into electricity wherever energy is needed. They are specially suitable for offshore installations, buoys, small islands, vessels, …, under the harshest marine conditions.

AEROGEN marine wind generators are ideal for charging acid and gel batteries when main power is either not available or not suitable, both for regular and emergency uses.


Battery Chargers offer by MSM feature a microprocessor controlled “adaptive” technology which controls the charge of the battery. The “adaptive” features automatically optimise the charging process based on the battery duty cycle.

Adaptive 3- or 4-stage charge characteristic, depending on model.