Our ASBM24 elastic beacons heading to Egypt

Published on Friday, 16 July of 2021

The ASBM24 elastic beacons developed by MSM have recently left our facilities heading to Egypt, where they will be received by the Egyptian Authority for Maritime Safety (EAMS).

Elastic beacons are especially designed for shallow draft areas or where the reduction of navigable space is a challenge for maritime traffic, such as canals or areas that have pipelines or other types of underwater obstacles. This type of locations requires high accurate maritime signalling with a limited swinging radius.

Our elastic beacons are composed of a submerged float joined to a metallic structure or pole visible on the water surface that ends with a platform equipped with a beacon, a top mark, and a radar reflector, along with other devices and accessories. The tail can vary in length to adapt to the draft of the area where it will be anchored. Thanks to these features, our elastic beacons guarantee their stability against strong winds and currents.

From MSM we cannot be more grateful to HiTechNour and our agents in Egypt, CairoWave, for entrusting in our AtoN equipment.

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