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MSM offers studless and stud-link anchor chains grade 2 and grade 3, and stud-link anchor chains with different available finishings: self-colour, black, hot-dip galvanized and grade 80.

We make due calculations to provide the highest quality and resistance in any type of mooring, either for use in the sea, on the dock or on the dockyard. At customer request, we deliver Test Certificates from the most reputable Naval Classification Societies, such as Lloyd’s Register, Bureau Veritas, etc.


From Mediterraneo Señales Marítimas we offer our customers all kinds of anchors, conventional and high-power grip ones, as well as specific ones for permanent moorings.

Thanks to our wide experience in the maritime sector, we can guarantee an extensive selection of high reliability products and carry out studies to provide the best option in terms of weights, measures, and type of anchor.

MSM has its own Metal-Mechanic Department to satisfy the needs of our customers.


In MSM, under our premise of offering an integrate service, we have all kinds of shackles: forelock shackles, swivel shackles and anchors, for any type of mooring, either for use at sea, on the dock or on the dockyard.

In addition, we can supply these items in different qualities and finishings.


MSM, conscious and involved with the protection of the environment, offers ecological anchoring solutions that respect the environment through the ellipse type system. These systems are a revolutionary product in the sector of moorings and moorings thanks to its power of grip, its easy installation and its low cost.

They have a minimal impact on the seabed since their anchoring is stuck in the ground by hand hydraulic pneumatic hammers, avoiding the contamination of a dead person. On the other hand, by including a float in its anchoring gear, thus allowing its horizontality, the dragging of the chain and therefore the wear and erosions of the seabed are excluded.

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