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The preservation of our historic lighthouse heritage is one of the prime concerns of MSM. Consequently, we are specialized in designing optical and lighting equipment for big lighthouses, lanternhouses, electronic revolving pedestals with very low consumption, special lampchangers or universal lighthouse control boards, by offering a complete service in this chapter.

We have many years of experience and we develop a continuous labour of R+D+I in order to reach new improvements in this field, always following IALA Recommendations.

We complete our classic equipment of advanced technology with a comprehensive service of rehabilitation and modernization works suited to customer needs.

MODELS AND TYPES OF Lighthouse Equipment:


  • One of the prime Mediterraneo’s concerns is the preservation of our historic lighthouse heritage. Consequently, we are specialized in designing optical, lighting and control equipment for big lighthouses, by offering a complete service in this chapter.
  • We have many years of experience and we develop a continuous labour of R+D+I in order to reach new improvements in this field. Proof of this is our recent launching of our MLL 50 LED lamp to be used in long-range lighthouses.
  • We complete our classic equipment of advanced technology with a comprehensive service of rehabilitation and modernization works suited to customer needs.
  • Likewise, we always follow IALA-AISM Recommendations.

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New LED technology advances allow to obtain luminous sources able to provide suitable outputs with both old glass lenses and modern acrylic optics. In MSM, we study each particular case and we offer the best solution to match LED technology with major optical Fresnel systems. Thus, by using LED lamps we reach a considerable power reduction and an exceptional free-maintenance, long average life; by keeping the luminous range.


Automatic 2-position lampchangers for lighthouses, with high mechanical and environmental resistance. Two types: – MLC 02A, for lamp power up to 1,000W. – MLC 02B, for all type of lamps and lampholders, lamp power up to 3,000W.


  • Innovating acrylic optics, cut and polished, replacing old major glass lenses to obtain a cost-effective solution and optimal output.
  • Taylor-made design, according to customer’s specifications: range, flash character or focal distance.
  • Manufactured from acrylic material, UV stabilised.
  • Dioptric and catadioptric rings.
  • High-precision cut and polishing.
  • Anodised aluminium frames.

MLL 50 LED lamp

The MLL 50 LED lamp is especially developed for long-range optical systems in lighthouses, both rotating and flashing ones.

Consisting of a high-power LED light source, its design is custommade in each case, in order to optimise its efficiency and obtain the maximum luminous intensity.

With 60W power, it can replace lamps of up to 1,000W power, with an important saving in both energy and infrastructure, by keeping the original luminous range of the lighthouse.

Its exceptional thermal management and its current regulation system ensure a lamp service life of 100,000 hours, so that maintenance intervals significantly decrease.

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  • With a 60W power it can achieve ranges of up to 26 nautical miles (1,150,000 Cd).
  • Power supply system with current regulation and PWM adjustable power.
  • Solar screen to avoid sun effect.
  • Focus accuracy.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Specific design for each case, according to the type of lens and its array.
  • 60W power in white colour (other powers available).
  • Exceptional thermal management for higher LED efficiency.
  • Lamp average life time of 100,000 hours.
  • Red or green colour available, as option.

MLL 18 LED lamp

The MLL 18 LED lamp has been designed to replace halogen lamps and lampchangers in old flashing lenses of 155-, 250- and 300-millimetre diameter.

With up to 18W power, it allows to equal and even surpass the intensity obtained by conventional lamps, with the additional advantage of an average life of 100,000 hours, what means a free-maintenance use over 25 years. Its luminous source is fitted with 6 nos. LED diodes of high intensity.

Its dimensions and power system allow an immediate replacement without need of any beacon modification. Exceptional thermal management and LED drivers guarantee an optimum efficiency all its life time. MLL 18 lamp low power allows an optimization of the power supply system, with the consequent economical savings.

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  • Luminous range according to the lens used.
  • Accurate lamp positioning.
  • Average lifetime of 100,000 hours.
  • Anodized aluminium diffuser.
  • LED driver circuit incorporated.
  • Terminal bolts in stainless steel.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Standard colours according to IALA Recommendations.
  • Standard or customized fixing bridge.
  • Compatible with a wide range of flashing lanterns.
  • Optimum operation with our MF12 special flasher for LEDs.

MLC 02 automatic 2-position lampchangers

The MLC 02 automatic 2-position lampchangers are suitable for rotating beacons and major lighthouses. Especially engineered for all type of lamps and sockets, including big-size lamps.

Designed to work under harsh marine conditions with high-corrosion level, ensuring a correct and nonstop operation of marine aids to navigation.

With capacity for 2 lamps, either halogen or metal halide, it fits perfectly in both rotating and flashing lighthouses, with 3,000W maximum lamp power.

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  • Adaptable to rotating and horizon lighthouses, with 3,000W lamp power.
  • Accurate lamp focusing, reversible motor drive.
  • Contact-free and brushless operation.
  • Wide range of lamps sockets and lampholders (Gx9.5, G12, G21, G22, E40, etc.).
  • Thermal protection of wires from damages due to sun light.
  • Anodized marine aluminium turret and arms.
  • Stainless-steel base.
  • Stainless-steel hardware.
  • Two versions available, depending on the power required.
  • High resistance to marine corrosion.
  • Lamp-status detecting photocell.

MRM 160 electronic

Thanks to our long experience in designing optical and lighting equipment for major lighthouses, we are pleased to introduce the innovating acrylic, cut and polished lenses, replacing the old major glass optics to obtain an optimum output, with the aim to keep the image of our historical lighthouse heritage.

As a complement to our innovating lenses, we use our MRM 160 electronic, gearless and brushless revolving pedestals.

Besides, we can restore any type of glass lens for its operation with the original range it was designed for.

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  • Manufactured from acrylic material.
  • Dioptric and catadioptric aspherical rings that surpass the glass lens efficiency.
  • High-precision cut and polishing.
  • Anodized aluminium frames.
  • Tailor-made design, according to required flash character and range.
  • Wide range of focal lengths, as per customer specifications.


  • Wide choice of lamps, d.c. or a.c., metal halide, halogen or LED.
  • Study on the most suitable lamp, according to required lighthouseluminous range and power supply system chosen.

MRM 160 and MRM 1200

Mediterráneo Señales Marítimas has a long experience in designing lighting, rotating and monitoring equipment for major lighthouses.

The ideal support for a major lighthouse optic is one of our MRM revolving pedestals. These motors are double, electronic, gearless and brushless.

The MRM motors are engineered to automate historic lighthouses, able to replace old drive machines and keep the valuable glass lens. MRM 160 or MRM 1200 can be chosen depending on the lens weight.

The MRM support is tailor-made according to the lens height and the height from the lanternhouse inner base to the focal centre.

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  • High reliability and availability.
  • Electronic, gearless and brushless double motors.
  • One only slow-moving assembly (shaft, rotor and rotating plate).
  • Automatic switch-over to standby motor in case of main drive failure.
  • Precise balanced array, minimum friction.
  • Good accessibility for maintenance and easy part replacement.
  • Field-adjustable rotating speed, from 1 to 6 rpm.
  • Speed setting accuracy: 1.3%.
  • MRM 160 suits to optics of up to 160 Kg.
  • MRM 1200 suits to optics of up to 1,200 Kg.
  • MMC 160 provides fully automatic operation.
  • Microprocessor based circuit.

MTF 3000 control unit

The MTF 3000 control unit has been especially designed to manage lighting and rotating lighthouse systems. Based on a programmable logic controller, fitted with all necessary elements for a complete operation. Its universal construction provides an easy adaptation to any type of existing lighthouse system. Its digital screen informs about the operation status and possible alarms, with manual operation selectors. Inputs and outputs allow their connexion to a Remote Monitoring System. Optionally, a modem can be incorporated to transmit data to a Control Centre.

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  • Compatible with rotating and flashing lighthouses and beacons, with lamps and LEDs.
  • Control and management of lampchangers and rotating motors, both a.c. and d.c.
  • Automatic activation by external photocell. Main lamp to standby lamp switch-over in case of failure, making the same function from main motor to standby one when necessary.
  • Emergency beacon activation in case of main system failure.
  • Manual operation selectors.
  • Digital touch screen that provides information on status, alarms and analogical values of voltages and currents.
  • Rotation alarm detection for lighthouses by magnetic rotation sensor.
  • Motor and lamp thermal protection against short-circuits.
  • Protections against reverse polarity and atmospheric oversurges.


One of the most outstanding Mediterraneo’s specialities is the design of lanternhouses for historic lighthouse applications.

LEM and LAM lanternhouses are manufactured with the best materials in the market, in order to withstand marine weather inclemencies for years.

Our standard LEM lanternhouses are cylindrical and with semispherical dome. Its cylindrical structure provides two key advantages over other manufacturers’ lanterns: helicoidal uprights to avoid dark areas and give sturdiness, and curved-glass panes to minimise refraction losses and reduce back reflections.

Furthermore, we can manufacture any LAM polygonal lanternhouse, strictly according to the customer specifications.

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  • Maximum quality in materials to achieve the longest service life.
  • Made up of: base, cylindrical structure, top ring, dome and ventilation cap.
  • Base built to measure, according to requested height and specifications. Fixing by special anchor bolts to the concrete, stone or tiles murette.
  • In the case of LEM lanternhouses, the cylindrical structure with helicoidal uprights provides higher sturdiness.
  • High-homogeneity curved-glass panes, heat-tempered, to minimise refraction losses and reduce back reflections.
  • Sealed with special UV-resistant putty and sealant.
  • Top ring contains the gutter to collect rain water and protect glass panes.
  • Semi-spherical metallic dome, with brackets to fit access ladder to the lantern top.
  • Semi-spherical ventilation cap, with special filters. Maximum aeration.

MFR Reflector Light

Mediterraneo has a considerable experience in designing major optical and lighting equipments for major lighthouse stations.

Our MFR is a modern Reflector Light for classical lighthouses, which uses lamps of the latest technology, able to reach 42 nautical miles.

It is made up of opticals panels of LED reflector elements laid out in two columns each panel, with redundant security system as emergency light.

The Reflector Light is completed with our MRM 160 double electronic, gearless and brushless rotating pedestals. This MFR equipment strictly meets all related IALA Recommendations.

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  • LED light source with 100,000 hours average lifetime.
  • High-efficiency luminous system. Up to 26 nm (T=0.74), 42 nm (T=0.85).
  • 10 nos. reflector by panel (2 columns of 5 projectors). Other configurations available under request.
  • Redundant security system as an emergency lantern, active or passive configuration.
  • Speed setting accuracy: 1.3%.
  • Electric gearless and brushless double motor.
  • One only slow-moving assembly.
  • Automatic switch-over to standby motor in case of main drive failure.
  • Operation status and alarms for both motors.
  • Photocell-control or 24h-rotation selection.
  • Status and alarms ready for remote control and monitoring, by opto-isolated signals and RS-232 serial port.

MLL 1000 lamp

The MLL 1000 lamp, developed and patented by MSM, is a luminous equipment with the highest LED technology. While others LED lamps of the market, those are characterised by their use of a virtual light source. The light emission is made through prisms to a hyperbole, in such a way that the light source is virtualised in the exact in focus point lens, as a filament or metallic halogen lamp. Thus, the focal distance of the lens is maintained and it can replace any traditional lamp of the market. Ideal to be installed on classic glass optics, both rotating or flashing lighthouses. Its main advantages are: its significant energy saving (and consequently the environment preservation), its service life (up to 100,000 hours) and its easy installation, as diesel generator, current inverter system and less capacity batteries are not necessary.


  • Virtual light focus adapted to Fresnel glass or other material lenses.
  • Three version of the MLL: 300W, 150W and 75W.
  • Up to 100,000 hours average life time.
  • Energy saving up to 60% during the service life of the lamp.
  • Luminous range reached over 29 nautical miles (T= 0,74).
  • Null impact by a magnifying-glass effect.
  • Voltage source for on both alternating current (110V/230V) and direct current (24V), allowing installation in lighthouses supplied by solar or wind energy.
  • Conventional thermal management for the 75W model, and by active refrigeration system for 150 and 300W models; with average life up to 200,000 hours (without moving parts).
  • High-performance LED power driver, with current regulation and power adjustable by PWM.
  • Null maintenance.