Distributor Agreement signed between Navmoor Limited and MSM.

Published on Friday, 24 April of 2020

It is a pleasure to welcome Navmoor Limited onboard!

Such collaboration will bring a complete service to all customers in UK and Ireland. Together, Navmoor and MSM will join their experiences to deliver AtoN to Ports and Harbours.

“We are very excited to be working with Navmoor Limited. We truly believe our clients will benefit from this partnership as our experiences align beautifully with a focus on providing a complete service in the Aids to Navigation.” noted Sarah Leullier, Business Development Manager at MSM.

“We’re delighted to be introducing MSM products to our mature maritime industry. MSM manufactures the largest Aids to Navigation product range in the world, and Navmoor offers the consultancy, installation, and maintenance services to compliment this product range very well. Navmoor has seen exceptional growth in the past twelve months, and we felt it was time to stick our flag in the ground, and deliver the quality of products expected with our sustainable and market leading approach to AtoNs in the United Kingdom and Ireland.” Said Chris Newell, Managing Director of Navmoor Limited.

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