Obstruction Lights For Navigation

Obstruction lights for navigation

MSM obstruction lights include the three categories defined by the International Civil Aviation Organization : low intensity (neon cold discharge and led obstruction lighting), medium and high intensity (xenon flashing lamps) beacon lights.

Lamps with cold neon discharge do have an extremely long lifespan, and a very high reliability in constraining environments like high temperature and electromagnetic fields. Cold neon discharge lights are red fixed obstruction lights low intensity. Cold neon discharge obstruction lightings are used for buildings, chimneys, airports, pylons, GSM towers, radio towers, TV towers. LED obstruction lightings are used to mark wind mast, meteo mast, windmills, windfarms.

All these products are designed in conformity with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), or Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Cold cathode neon beacon, low-power focused optics

Medium intensity type A  

White flashing beacon operating day and night, or only day


Medium bi-color intensity type A B  

White flashing beacon by day and red at night


High intensity type A  

White flashing beacon day and night

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